What Is News?

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News is information about an event that is important to people. It can be about anything from a celebrity’s death to a natural disaster. It can also be about politics or sports. Many people read, watch or listen to news on a daily basis. They may also write it for their school newspaper. News is usually written to capture the attention of readers and hold it. This is why some stories are more interesting than others.

The event that makes news is not always the same, but it is usually something that happens in a short period of time and has a direct impact on the people involved. A news story should focus on the facts and be accurate. The reactions of the public are also a source of news because they can determine how much importance is placed on certain events.

There are a few things that are common to all news stories. These are timeliness, drama and consequence. A news story will often have an element of drama because it is a story about what is happening right now. It is not good enough to talk about an event that happened a week ago, because the community will have moved on to other topics by then.

A news story will also have a consequence because it tells us about what is going to happen or has already happened. For example, if a famous person dies, this is news because it will likely have an effect on other celebrities and the general population. If someone is killed in a car accident, this is also news because it will have an impact on the people who know them and their families.

In addition to this, a news story will have some kind of drama because it is about a situation or event that involves good and bad characters and situations. For example, a robbery at a convenience store is a dramatic event that is newsworthy because it highlights both the good and the bad. It will also have some kind of tension because the good characters are trying to get something and the bad characters are stopping them.

Another thing that is important about a news story is that it has to be current. It is not good to write about an event that has already happened because the community will have moved on by the time it appears in print or on TV. There are some exceptions to this, such as sports news or weather reports, but these are rare.

Generally speaking, most news is about people and what they do to change the world around them. However, some events are not about people and still make the news because they are significant or unusual. For example, a cyclone, flood, bush fire, volcanic eruption or earthquake might make the news because they are uncommon and have an impact on people. Similarly, wildlife and plant life might also make the news.

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