What is Entertaiment?

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Entertaiment is anything that makes an audience happy, whether it is a movie, a show, or a night of dancing. There are many different types of entertainment, and it is important to choose the right one for your event. The right entertainer should be able to win over the audience, and have a good sense of humor. Entertainment is often abbreviated as entmt, and you’ll probably see the term used in headlines.


Entertainment can take many forms, including art, sports, games, and movies. It can be both public and private, and can involve a formal or spontaneous performance. Some forms of entertainment have been around for centuries, while others have come and gone over time with changes in culture, technology, and fashion. Some forms are no longer in the public arena, such as public executions, but have continued to evolve and change.

There are a number of rules that entertainment producers must comply with. Many of these rules are set by the Federal Communications Commission, a body that regulates the entertainment industry. These rules prevent certain companies from monopolizing a geographic market or limiting the amount of airtime that they give to other candidates. Entertainment companies often rely on attorneys to help them comply with these rules.

The entertainment industry supports the local economy by providing jobs. People who work in the industry can find work as street performers, artists producing movies, and arena sellers. The industry is an economic driver in many ways, with entertainment companies helping to generate taxes that benefit the surrounding businesses.

Purveyors of entertainment

Entertainment is a broad category that encompasses a variety of forms. Some examples include movies, music, and amusement parks. Purveyors of entertainment are independent production companies that create cutting-edge programming across multiple platforms. Founded in 2010 by Matt Anderson and Nate Green, the company specializes in original programming that taps into the pop-culture zeitgeist.

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