The Philosophy of Law

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‘Legal philosophers’ emphasize the formal aspects of the law, in particular the presumption of liberty, the separation of powers, and the role of justice. These issues are not mutually exclusive. It is therefore important to look at the whole of the law, rather than just the formal elements.

Legal philosophers emphasize formal elements

Several philosophical schools of thought have developed theories about law. These include legal formalism, legal realism, and conceptual theories. Each tries to explain the nature and structure of legal practice. These are based on the following assumptions:

Legal formalism: A formalism is a legal theory that claims that legal rules are derived from syllogistic reasoning. It is also based on the principle of positivism. It believes that laws are created and implemented in a way that best facilitates market transactions.

Justice is not mutually exclusive

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Separation of powers

Several of the greatest philosophers of government, including Aristotle, Machavelli, and John Locke have contributed to the development of political theory that underlies the concept of separation of powers. It is a structural and organizational structure that divides powers of government into different branches and provides checks and balances.

It is also the term for an organizational structure in which each branch of government is responsible for its own duties. The judicial branch interprets laws, while the legislative branch enacts laws and public policy. These branches are distinct in their powers and responsibilities, and they are not allowed to use the powers of the other branches.

Presumption of liberty

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Human rights component

Basically, the Human Rights Component of Law is an international code that protects human rights of individuals. It covers all aspects of human life, including the protection of cultural rights, economic rights, social rights and the rights of women. It also protects the rights of individuals in armed conflict.

There are several institutions that monitor human rights in different parts of the world. In Europe, the Council of Europe and the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe oversee the European Court of Human Rights.

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