How Do Business Services Differ From Economic Services?

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Business services are an essential part of a business and, like economic services, have characteristics in common with them. Like these, businesses are concerned with delivering value to their customers, building service systems, and meeting the needs of a variety of customers. As a result, businesses act both as service consumer and provider. Let’s consider some of these aspects. How do business services differ from other forms of value-adding activity? The answer may surprise you.

Intangibility of business services

Intangibility is a key aspect of business services. Customers must be convinced to buy a service, and then must be satisfied with the quality of the product or service after using it. Whether a service is purchased through word-of-mouth, through advertising or through research, the customer experiences it in real-world settings, which contribute to an overall satisfaction with the purchased product or service. This concept applies to both physical products and intangible services.

Intangibility of IT services

Despite its intangibility, IT services can be a critical component of business service offerings. When a customer buys a service, it must satisfy both their expectations and their actual experiences. The quality of a service can be enhanced through testimonials from satisfied customers, but it all comes down to the actual experience of the customer. If a service is of poor quality, it’s unlikely to be purchased.

Intangibility of office administration

While products are tangible and services are intangible, the difference between the two is clear. A service is a product made on-site and isn’t as easily measured as a tangible product. A restaurant may offer the same service as a soap, but the latter can be priced and touched to determine its value. However, a restaurant cannot be measured as easily, which makes the intangibility of office administration services an important challenge for marketers.

Intangibility of security services

Intangibility is the inability of services to be quantified or measured by a customer. Unlike tangible products, services are created on the spot and cannot be assessed based on their qualities. The tangible character of physical goods allows for quality standards, measurement of deviations and minimization of their costs. The intangibility of services makes them difficult to sell and market. But it is important to keep in mind that the perceived value of security services is higher than the price.

Intangibility of travel arrangements

Intangibility of travel arrangements in business services is a crucial concept to grasp. This concept relates to how tangible and intangible goods are different. Physical goods are typically manufactured with high standards, mass produced, and assembled in large numbers. This gives them huge consistency. In contrast, services are rarely replicas of each other, and their peculiar characteristics are often hard to measure. A tangible good may have a high search value, but a service can have an intangible value.

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