Business Services: Essential to Maintaining a Competitive Edge

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The business services industry consists of the many different tasks and activities that help keep a company running. Also known as the tertiary industry or sector, it employs a larger portion of the workforce than manufacturing or trade businesses and has expanded its reach to include delivery via virtual platforms such as cloud-based systems. As technology has advanced, so have the opportunities available to business service workers. These include remote work and the ability to offer services to a global audience.

Companies need business services to meet demand for their products and services. While they may hire employees to perform these functions, it is the responsibility of business service professionals to ensure that the company stays profitable and efficient. Business services can provide a range of benefits, including increased productivity, improved communication and greater flexibility. They are the foundation of any business and are essential to maintaining a competitive edge.

A service-oriented business is one that provides support or assistance to a client or customer in subjects such as consulting, finance, accounting, transportation, cleaning, hospitality and travel. Unlike product-oriented businesses, which sell tangible goods and can develop brand name identification, service-oriented companies build their reputations through the quality of the services they offer.

These firms often compete with each other for clients and market share, so they must constantly improve their offerings. To do this, they must understand their customers’ needs and desires and provide them with value. A key way to do this is by offering exceptional customer service, which can boost revenue and improve the overall experience.

To maximize the effectiveness of their business service offerings, companies must develop an integrated network of internal and external resources. Internally, this includes a system of shared services that streamlines the organization’s processes. Shared services can help eliminate redundancies and inefficiencies, freeing up valuable resources to invest in strategic initiatives. In addition, a shared service center can help improve communication among departments and employees.

In order to maximize the efficiency of their business service offerings, companies need to have senior managers with strong leadership skills. These individuals must be able to balance the need for individual service models to maintain their competitive autonomy with the need for the business to achieve its strategic goals. Without strong leadership, revenue-generating line managers will tend to overrule shared services management, potentially undermining the performance of the system.

While a number of businesses are focused on developing a more holistic approach to service design, others are still struggling to get their core elements to pull in the same direction. Regardless of which approach to service design is taken, top managers must realize that the fundamentals of service design are the same across all types of businesses.

A high school diploma, GED certificate or vocational degree might be sufficient for some jobs, but other positions require a bachelor’s or graduate degrees. The pay for these jobs is highly variable, but many of these jobs offer career advancement and opportunities to work in a variety of industries.

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